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Since that day when I saw the photos and then the inspiration of it, I was charmed by the style.
My first contact with the Fairy kei style, it was with a good friend from college, and she did her main work of fashion inspired style.

Fairy Kei is a style where the key words are pastels + playful elements, like childhood toys, more accurately the 80s and 90s.

* font : http://ridsnap.com

Fairy Kei actually came from Japanese Zipper magazine, in which he described the style of the girls who followed the style of the store SPANK! Spank girls, and the creator Tavuchi owner of the store, has come up with clothes and accessories "childish" senders the 80s, with prints of drawings of the era, such as care bears or my little pony, it was through her that the style emerged.

With the emergence of style in Ziper magazine and also photos taken by Harajuku girls, everyone began looking for style and also follow it.

I can say I'm one of those girls passionate by Fairy Kei, because it is a rich and vibrant style, it can let loose and my creative mind, I can say that Fairy Kei is my alter ego, is what I love and follow that's why I create a blog call Pastel cubes, a blog dedicated entirely to my love for Fairy Kei and also the entire culture of the 80s.

If you want to know more about Fairy Kei, I did a post about fairy kei basics : http://pastelcubes.blogspot.com.br/2014/04/fairy-kei-basics.htmlhttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/-SjFR5iXNcyM/U7sxv7I7RqI/AAAAAAAAQM8/XvyaMy-YIPo/s1600/DSC_0133+copy.jpg

And this is me, using the style and loving it! ♡

Thank you for reading my first article, hope you all like!




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Mariri said:

You look awesome! I’m in love in Japanese fashion -


Zoe said:

True love is something that cannot be broken

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