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I was recently contacted by Italian fashion brand ‘Moooh!!’ who were kind enough to offer me the opportunity to spend up to $15 on their website. After sifting through numerous options I decided to go for these pretty little earrings…


 ‘Moooh!!’ sell themselves as a ‘social platform for discovering fashion and lifestyle products. Curated collections of vintage style,indie clothes for women and men. Boho clothing, cool dresses, cute shoes, cute decor. Free expedited worldwide shipping.’


These arrived much quicker than I would have thought, considering shipping is free and they came all the way from Hong Kong. They were also packaged really nicely in a cute pink box surrounded with bubble wrap for protection. I did notice that the parcel they arrived in had bracelet written on it rather than earrings which was a little confusing, but clearly a simple mistake.


I was very surprised to find that there were actually two pairs of earrings in the set as the photos on the website only showed the ‘Hamsa’ (Hand of Fatima) earrings which were priced at $10. This was a pleasant surprise but does make me question how accurate the website can be.


I think these are earrings are really pretty and interesting. I love the turquoise and blue detailing  and think they look more expensive than they actually were – the equivalent of £6.49


As expected for the price, they don’t feel like amazing quality. However, I’ve really enjoyed wearing them last night and today and will definitely be wearing with them a lot in the future!

As a little extra Moooh!! have given me the pleasure of giving you guys a $15 giftcard (about £10) to spend on anything from the website! All you have to do is sign up via THIS LINK and get spending!

If you’re interested in the exact earrings I ordered you can check them outHERE

Do let me know what you pick!

Love Izzy xxx

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