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When reading someone else's style blog a few weeks ago it was  distressing to see some bloggers feel that they don't feel like they can  be successful because they can't afford a new outfit every post. Nothing could be further from the truth! Things like using different accessories can make a huge difference and totally change an outfit.

Or if you're feeling stuck you can always check out the Discovery Wall or re-organize your closet like I do to get some inspiration 

I think what is most difficult is training  your brain to think of outfits using items from your own wardrobe,
rather than things you want to buy. Even though I want to buy  stuff on a daily basis I've been trying to get the most out of my closet  wearing what I already have in a bunch of different ways.  Sites like Moooh!! also translate the latest fashion trends and generate their own designs in price ranges suitable for students and those on a tight budget. With a variety of different filters it's easy to find what interests you in each respective category whether it be shoes, bottoms or tops!

You can also take advantage of signing up for email updates and following on instagram in order to receive special discount coupons for VIPs or sign up via the $15 referral campaign if you're a new customer! If you're wardrobe is a bit full I also suggest trying to sell clothes you no longer wear to finance that next  purchase. That also gives me time to consider whether I really need that item  or not. That said though I regret the things I didn't buy on sale, more than those impulse purchases I have sitting in my wardrobe.

My final tip would be to approach your girlfriends and ask if they would be interested in buying/ swapping something of yours. If you can't unload your clothes any other way, please donate them to a charity store or women's shelter. I cannot stress how helpful this is, as it prevents perfectly good clothing being sent to landfill AND helps women in need.

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