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Last week my toilet paper socks arrived in the mail but I've 

been so busy lately (what with Fashion Month) I haven't had time to write a
review up until now! They look just like their picture and remind me a lot of
tongue-in-cheek humour as well as brands like Kenzo creating zines in order to
connect with a growing art movement. The graphics are simple but make a bold
statement which is why I chose them, and as an added bonus the packaging was
super cute too! There’s just something about being the only girl wearing a
particular piece that has always been attractive to me, even from a very young
age. They remind me of hours spend scanning the Internet, particularly my
Tumblr dashboard and coming across an artist’s drawings or someone’s sketchbook
filled with bright pastel colours and cute cartoon characters.

The socks are super soft and comfortable, have a lot of stretch to them as well
and like I said before the colours are simply stunning! There hasn’t been any
ill-effect from washing them either so they’re the perfect pick me-up for
gloomy days or just when I feel stuck for what to wear. You can put them in the
washing machine but I recommend keeping them out of the sun to prevent the
colours from fading. I recommend styling them with a pair of tan mary janes or
other low cut heeled shoe for the vintage touch. These can easily be found in
any thrift shop or why not browse the shoe section at moooh? There’s lot of
cute flats and heels in a range of heel heights and styles but hurry! Stock is
limited and some of my favorites have already sold out!

When I first picked out the socks I was a little worried the socks would be a 
bit too short but they’re absolutely perfect and look amazing when worn under
clear jelly sandals! Mine have glitter in the plastic matrix (so the sparkles
you’re seeing aren’t from the socks but my shoes) which simply adds to the
effect. Plus you can still see the toilet paper as well as the bright navy
blue! Having a pair of clear jelly sandals means you can change different pairs
of socks, creating the illusion of owning lots of different shoes in bright colour
combinations! It’s a great trick if you’ve found a comfy pair with a good heel
height which you’re comfortable with :)

What do you guys and girls think? Are socks just important as shoes or are you not really bothered either way? I'd love to know what you think! You can write in the messages below :)

Adele xx


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