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My new vintage Hamsa necklace.

The Hamsa Hand is known as a symbol of protection in many societies and is believed to provide defense against the evil eye. Hamsa comes from the word khamsah meaning five in Arabic. I think there's something so beautiful about cultures different than my own and embracing all the wonderful things the people of the world have to offer. 

I love how Moooh!! incorporates a diverse selection of accessories for men and women. The Fashion Hamsa Hand Necklace is my absolute favorite out of Moooh!!'s collection but there are a a lot of different styles to choose from if your taste is different from mine. I'm sure all of the ladies out there on budgets would appreciate the fact that all of the accessories are reasonably priced. Moooh!! also offers discounts to customers who follow them on their social media sites as well as the $15 referral campaign that's going on right this second for new customers. 

My personal style is a little more bohemian. Earth tones, simple detail and lots of tall boots and fringe. Moooh's collection of clothing caters to those who prefer oversized cardigans with a pair of beat up leather boots but also those who love pops of colors and killer intergalactic platform shoes! 


x Kat Marie

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