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Winter is almost over and I am practically bursting with excitement as Summer is getting pretty close! Summer has to be my absolute favourite season as I get to show off all of my outfits and use items such as skirts, dresses and shorts without having to wear tights! I've already been shopping for some of my summer must haves and this top is definitely one of them!

A white, slightly cropped t-shirt with a bright and simple design yet it manages to look incredibly unique and wonderful! In the last few seasons I actually haven't worn many t-shirts as I'm trying to develop a smart and more sophisticated side however this top is absolutely perfect for late Spring and most importantly Summer! I would pair this top with a pair of light wash denim shorts or even a denim skirt as the simple colour combination would compliment each other and create a lovely and casual, everyday summer look. I actually already wore this for a day out with friends and they all loved it as it is quite quirky. I wore it with some dark Topshop Joni Jeans however I don't think that this was the best combination as I should have gone with my first instinct of light wash denim!

I'm actually really pleased with the material of this item as it is soft and lightweight which means that it will be perfect for hotter days! It's also an absolute bargain as it only costs $22.99! However, you can use the link to get $15 off of your first purchase!

I hope you enjoyed this short review! I'm really excited to be representing Moooh!! and can't wait to share more posts with you on this blog! I have my own website which is based on beauty and fashion which you can check out over at I publish 3 posts every week so keep an eye out for new posts! Thank you for reading,


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