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RT #MooohGlobalStyle And Win $15 Gift Cards

Moooh!! is the most fast, safe, rewarding, cool and affordable way to buy fashion and lifestyle products for women and men from China. Every products sold on Moooh!! is packed with a great customer service, fast processing time and free expedited shipping to U.S. and worldwide.

We are beyond the "FAKE" cheap prices of most Chinese e-commerce stores.

 #MooohGlobalStyle is a brand new shopping experience focused on a great customer experience and cool business relationships with content creators, bloggers, influencers and everybody able to create amazing content, worldwide.

The contest starts on 04/10/15 and runs until 18/10/15 - 11:59pm CST (Chinese Standard Time). No late entries will be accepted. All site-wide and posting rules apply. Gift cards are redeemable on a minimum purchase of just $25 .

Here the simple contest rules:

1 Follow Moooh!! on Twitter.

2 RT  #MooohGlobalStyle .

3 Like this blog post and you'll get one more chance to win. 

4 Three winners, every week, will be chosen randomly from all RT. The winners will be announced at the end of this contest, on our websites and on our Twitter account.

For any question you have on the  #MooohGlobalStyle contest on Twitter, email us to: . At Moooh!! we're looking forward to receive your great content and work with you!! 

Below some of the awesome curated products you could buy with your $15 Gift Card.

  • Art Print Bow Tie

    This item is shipped in 48 hours, included the weekends. Our abstract silk self-tie bow tie, with bristle ends and collar size adjuster,...
  • La Lune Le Soleil Tank

    This item is shipped immediately, including the weekends. This sleeveless tee's fit makes it an easy choice when cozy is your top priority....
  • Skeleton Halloween Costume

    This item is shipped in 48 hours, included the weekends. This outfit features a black and white dress with a tutu net skirt...
  • Two-Buttons Vintage Jacket

    This item is shipped in 48 hours, included the weekends. Add an interesting element to your work wardrobe with this 2-button sport coat....
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