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Tag Your Content With #MooohGlobalStyle For A Chance To Be Selected As Moooh!! Ambassador 2015/16.

Moooh!! is a worldwide brand, owned by an Italian company registered in Hong Kong and operating from Guangzhou, China. We operate worldwide with our main websites moooh.net and eu.moooh.net, a website dedicated exclusively to our European customers.  Since one month, Moooh!! is the only fashion e-commerce site, operating from China, selling authentic designer brands products all over the world! 

We have launched a worldwide campaign with the hashtag #MooohGlobalStyle , with the goal to select creatives from around the world able to work and make money with us.

Who can enter? Shoppers, blogger, influencers and everybody from all over the world able to create engaging, creative, amazing, useful content for our community. 

What do we mean with content? A blog post, a style set inspired by our collections, a post on social media, a video, a review. Anything can bring traffic to our sites and mobile app, anything interesting for our community.

How to enter in the #MooohGlobalStyle competition:

  1. The competition runs until 04/10/15 - 11:59pm CST (Chinese Standard Time). No late entries, posts will be accepted. All site-wide and posting rules apply. 

    Winners will be selected by Moooh!!’s team, based on originality, creativity, style, writing style, frequency, engagement and referral traffic sent to moooh.net, eu.moooh.net and Moooh!!'s social media profiles. In the winner selection we’ll consider also the overall engagement generated by your posts on the Live Fashion Wall.  and Discovery Wall . Winners will be informed on the 7th October by email and announced on moooh.net and our social media profiles.

  2. Open an account on moooh.net or eu.moooh.net. You can easily open a free account on Moooh!! with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or with your email address. After opening the account on Moooh!!, you can create in few seconds your social profile and start to post and share your looks! Opening a new account on Moooh.net gives you also a cool 20% off on your first purchase using the coupon code: Moooh!! .

  3. Write a blog posts or post a look/outfits,  inspired by Moooh!!,  on your blog, website, lookbook.nu, chictopia.com, polyvore.com, using the hashtag #MooohGlobalStyle. Posting a look inspired by Moooh!! will allow you to participate also in one more contest to win $20 Gift Cards. Any valuable and creative content posted by you with #MooohGlobalStyle will be posted on our Live Fashion & Lifestyle Wall.

  4. We don't accept: Spam, copyright infringement, posts with blurry pictures, over colorized pictures, poor written articles or blog posts that don't pass the copyscape tests, photos of children under 13, posts/material/article promoting competitor brands with the hashtag #MooohGlobalStyle .

  5. You must post and/or share #MooohGlobalStyle content on Moooh!! Discovery Wall and on our #MooohGlobalStyle live wall.

  6. Posts and any content published with the hashtags #MooohGlobalStyle and redirecting to competitor websites, will be disqualified and your account banned on both moooh.net and eu.moooh.net. 

Here what you'll get as #MooohGlobalStyle Ambassador 2015/16:

      1. Blogger account on moooh.net and eu.moooh.net. With your blogger account you can: write and submit blog posts, send free $5 credits to your fans and followers, join our exclusive affiliate program and participate in campaigns with commission on sales up to 25% . 

      2. Special conditions on the Give $5, Get $5 Referral Program.

      3. Participation in our exclusive affiliate program just for smartphone and earn between 10% - 20% commission on sales generated in our Iphone apps.  We have Iphone shopping apps for several markets: U.S. Italy, France, UK, Mexico, Brazil and China. We are opening our app to more countries and you can monetize your worldwide audience with our apps.

      4. Special conditions on the Give $5, Get $5 Referral Program in our Iphone apps.

      5. Special affiliate Moooh!! program on smartphone, based on CPI (commissions per installs).

      6. Participation at special Moooh!! events online and offline.

      7. Free clothes.

      8. Pre-casting for the new Moooh!! collections, events and editorial content. The photo shooting will be made by a famous fashion and lifestyle photographer with working experiences for Glamour Russia, Cosmopolitan, Chanel and many other famous magazines and brands.

      9.  Free exposure for your blog/website on moooh.net, eu.moooh.net and Moooh!! social profiles.

You can know more about the competion on our Ambassador Program   page. For any question you have on the #MooohGlobalStyle competition, email us to: contest@moooh.net . At Moooh!! we're looking forward to receive your great content and work with you!! 

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