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On December 2011, Moooh!! swarovski clutches were featured on Grand Luxe Magazine , a luxury high-end magazine in Dallas.  I think that was the first time that a luxury product Made in China was featured on Grand Luxe. Infact the PR who felt in love with my cltutches knew very well that my luxury jewelry and accessories are manfactured in China.

swarovski clutches

You can browse Grand Luxe and find at page 55 my swarovski elements evening clutches.

This is an example on how luxury can be without boundaries, social, ethic and Made in China.  Our Swarovski lines includes accessories, home decor and soon we will have a jewelry swarovski line .  We are developing also mobile phone and Ipad  swarovski covers.

We can custom made the same swarovski evening clutches  or any kind of luxury jewelery according to the customer requirements.  Jewelers, traders, jewelery factories and everyone involved in the jewelry business is welcome to partner with Moooh!!

But also privates and any small business can make money with Moooh!!  promoting our luxury collections on blog, social networks and trough any kind and legal media and channel. For example privates can get custom jewelry orders from friends or businesses and get a very interesting commission on the final selling price.

You might me also interested in Moooh!! Fashion Affiliate program .


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