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Carlo Trotta can custom make gold and diamonds Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry and any kind of mobile phone, tablet. In China is possible to make any kind of production, from the cheapest one with the poorest and toxic materials , to the most luxury items made in gold, diamonds , precious stones and requiring different professional high end skills .

Custom made a mobile phone in gold and diamonds require lots of skill and not only  machines. Infact  the production of a custom made mobile phones requires more craftmanship than a machine production.

The most complicated  thing to custom make is the telephone mould. It can take 2 or 3 weeks to make a perfect mould can fit the tech part of the telephone and not interfee with the internal hardware.

Usually a customized mobile phones requires 3 or 4 different moulds, depends on the personalization required by the customer.

From the moulds we make the new hardware of the phone and we cast it in plain 18k gold, this process doesn't require lot of time.  The Blackerry in the pictures is made with 180 grams of 18k gold.

After the  telephone gold hardware is ready and perfectly customized,  we start to set the diamonds. On the Blackberry we have setted more than 4000 diamonds in VS1 and D/E color. But other kind of personalizations are possible with different kind of diamonds  combination, white, black, fancy color diamonds and we can also set the most finest precious stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

The setting of the stones can require from 1 to 2 weeks, it's a long process that require skillful people, fortunately we can find the artisans can make beautiful and awesome settng. After the setting we control that every single diamond is well fixed on the hardware, we don't want to risk that our customer loose the diamonds while use his mobile phone . The last part of the process is the polishing of the telephone, we make it beautiful, sparkly and bling bling !!

Then, after almost 1 month the diamond and gold mobile phone is ready, well packed in a luxury wood box and ready  to leave our chinese atelier for the buyer country, but if  required we can personally delivery the telephone in the customer hands.

Custom made orders, an opportunity for business and private to make money

At Moooh!! we  can custom made and make luxury any kind of mobile phone, tablet and Ipad,  or we can customize any kind of luxury jewelery according to the customer requirements.  Jewelers, traders, jewelery factories and everyone involved in the jewelry business is welcome to partner with Moooh!! .

But also privates and any small business can make money with Moooh!!  promoting our luxury collections on their blog, social networks and trough any kind and legal media and channel.  For example privates can get custom jewelry orders from friends or businesses, place the order to Moooh!!  and get a very interesting commission on the final selling price. DIAMOND IPHONE IPAD BLACKBERRYContact us for more info.

At Moooh!! we can design and produce also any kind of designer inspired jewelry and watches in gold, silver, brass, copper, steel, thick alloy , settend with diamonds, precious and sempirecious stones. Maybe you might be interested to know more about our designer inspired  luxury jewerly.

Many times people ask us if we can reproduce beautiful vintage jewelry pieces of famous brands, yes we can .

We can also look for the precious stones like ruby, sapphires, emeralds or we can work wih the customers stones.  At Moooh!! we can also design and produce designer inspired accessories, apparels, home decor, gifts.

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