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Many famous brands love to follow trend and design items followin the wave of successfully designers . You can find on the market David Yurman designer inspired jewelry, Tiffany inspired and so diamond ring

It's never a copy,bust just designer inspired jewelry. You change something on the design and you get inspired !! Well the inspiration  also works if western brands produce and sell designer inspired products. But if  the inspirations come from China, it becomes a fake !!

How come ?? Can't chinese companies be inspired by western trends? Why only western can be inspired by western? I'm not talking about copying a brand, including stamps and logo, unfortunately still common in China.

Fortunately i can get also inspired and i custom made the beautiful bracelet you can admire in the blog post.

The beautiful 18k gold, colombian emerald and diamonds in not Cartier Panthere bracelet but just a Cartier design inspired Panthere bracelet made in my atelier one year ago. Infact the bracelet doesn't have any Cartier logo, stamp or tag.

Even the thikness, lenght and width are different from the original Cartier Panthere bracelet, was a specific customer request to make the Cartier Panther inspired bracelet, more gorgeous than the original one !!!   Looking at the pictures of the bracelet, you can have a better idea regarding  the beauty and setting quality of the diamonds.

This Cartier Panthere inspired bracelet feautures 25cts yellow and white diamonds, plus natural black onyx cutted in fancy shapes just for me. Production time including designing ,moulding and setting was around one month.

Custom made orders, an opportunity for privates and businesses to make money

Cartier diamond panthere ring

I can custom made the same bracelet or any kind of luxury jewelery according to the customer requirements.  Jewelers, traders, jewelery factories and everyone involved in the jewelry business is welcome to partner with Moooh!!

But also privates and any small business can make money with Moooh!!  promoting our luxury collections on blog, social networks and trough any kind and legal media and channel. For example privates can get custom jewelry orders from friends or businesses and get a very interesting commission on the final selling price.

At Moooh!! we can design and produce any kind of designer inspired jewelry and watches in gold, silver, brass, copper, steel, thick alloy , settend with diamonds, precious and sempirecious stones.  Many times people ask us if we can reproduce beautiful vintage jewelry pieces of famous brands, yes we can .

We can also look for the precious stones like ruby, sapphires, emeralds or we can work wih the customers stones.  At Moooh!! we can also design and produce designer inspired accessories, apparels, home decor, gifts. Click on Contact button in our blog and drop us a line if you are interested in our customization service.

But please don't contact us if you want we produce a fake.



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