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Partner with Moooh!!

By carlotrotta in  on Sep 11, 2011

Join one of the best affiliate program on the web. If you are a business owner,such as a jeweler, a trader, factory, or you are a designer who wants to give life to beautiful jewel, or you are trader or even a jewelry factory, feel free to contact us, we can work together. Moooh!! can design and produce beautiful custom made gold jewelry, also designer inspired, in few pieces and high quality manufacturing . Furthermore, we are able to produce with any kind of materials like silver, brass, copper, thick alloy.

We have access to a huge inventory of semiprecious and precious stones, certified and not certified diamonds. We can cut stones according to your requirement, even one stone if you need to make a beautiful piece of jewelry for your customer.

Please consider that we don’t buy in the markets like many Chinese and foreigners companies do. We produce directly in our laboratories or in our factories connected to us.

But that's not all, since October we will start to offer a service for designing and produce luxury custom made apparels, shoes, accessories, home decor and gifts. Send us a note if you are interested to know more about this service.

The advantages to partner with us? Design, quality on the entire production process, delivery on time, stonf customer service, post selling support. For your inquiries use the contact us button in this blog.]]>

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