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What is it Moooh!!

By carlotrotta in  on Sep 11, 2011

A disruption in the luxury market,a different way to consider the relationship between a brand and comsumers. Moooh!! is a Carlo Trotta idea, a platform where people can buy, but also catch new business opportunities.

A free platform where the consumers can "participate" in a brand and be part of it, not just a simple spender or spectator. Moooh!! is creating a brand together and make it luxury, social. Moooh!! is the place where you can find social luxury custom made jewelry, apparels, accessories, home decor, new gifts ideas. It's a place where you can also make money.

Moooh is our luxury journey together. Let's make it unique. Share this post and leave your comment,if you like my vision of what luxury should be.

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