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Moooh!! is Kikscore Verified

By Carlo Trotta in  on Mar 13, 2012

just fabSince few months we have a security system score badge by Kickscore a new and more complete tool for shopping security.Kicksore determines the level of confidence a website visitor should have in an online merchant. You can see that he KikScore confidence badge is displayed on the right bottom corner of our wesbite and clicking on it you can access to a different datas and obvsiouly to our shopping score experience.

Thanks to Kikscore "report card" you can  learn more about Moooh!! prior to completing a purchase transaction. Among many other informations, the report card contains information about the merchant including: customer feedback, website security, policies, certifications and management. You can buy in the most safe way one pair of our fab shoes or you favourite bracelet with personalized custom made charms and custom made pendants But why do we have choosed a more complex trust seal solution, than other like Verisign for example ?

The KikScore approach addresses trust concerns by providing the comprehensive portfolio of information website visitors can utilize to determine whether or not a small business is trustworthy. It is this multi-­‐dimensionality and interactivity that makes KikScore a far more compelling trust solution than existing one-­‐dimensional and static seals such as SSL certificates, reputation management seals and other seals on the market. Now you can buy with more confidence your favourite custom made jewelry and soon fashion shoes,bags,accessories,apparels, ethnic home decor and gifts. That's just fab and more than just fabulous !

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