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When you shop online, you need to know what you buy is exactly what you receive. Sadly though, when people buy cheap clothing from our Asian competitors online stores, they get exactly what they pay for. And if they try to return it, they are left disappointed, frustrated and distrustful of online shopping.

Our Italian CEO and the creator of Moooh!! Carlo Trotta wanted to change the buyers experience into a happy and memorable one. He has lived in Guangzhou, China for the last 8 years and has deep insider knowledge of what is available. The problem is many of the Chinese operated online stores only sell the cheapest products to make the highest profit. The high quality products are ignored by the Asian sellers, because they are too expensive.

Another problem is, our Asian competitors start with cheap prices, but by the time you add in first class shipping and tracking code you have no long made any savings. Moooh!! prices in comparison are much cheaper because you receive the best quality, 12/24 hours processing order time, free first class shipping and around the clock customer service every time you buy from us.

Carlo Trotta saw this as an opportunity to change the industry by setting a brand new quality standard. So he started Moooh!! with high quality products and added in his executive Italian business style. Mooh!! has the same quality you can buy on many US fashion online stores. (Often, It is made in the same place, Guangzhou and China). This ensures you only receive the highest quality products at the most affordable price, delivered with superior customer service, because people like you deserve better.

Being based in the Guangzhou business and fashion city center, we are located amongst other brands you may know such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Miu Miu, Hermes Burberry, Armani and many more. We have direct access to the fashion clothing and accessories markets, so we have fast access to new designs and can keep the quality high. Carlo Trotta uses his acutely refined Italian eye to ensure you only have the newest, high quality fashion.

Moooh!! has an A grade office in the business center of Guangzhou and we are happy for you to know who we are (If you were to have a look on our competitors sites, do you see their teams?) We are real people, selling high quality fashion products to real people like you. This is what makes Moooh!! so different. In the unlikely event you have a problem with your order, a real person answers your enquiry and it is sorted out quickly, person to person, just hit the Chat With Us button or shoot us an email. We want you to be happy with your Moooh!! experience!

For your extra peace of mind, Moooh!! is VIP trusted PayPal merchant in China. It is a great honor to receive this ranking from PayPal, because it means that Moooh!! has very few customer disputes or claim cases on our thousands of transactions.  It also means that we have good customer service and the very few disputes we have are solved quickly and easily by Moooh!!.

At Moooh!! we’re here for you, always.