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Every day I like to browse luxury websites, flash sales websites, read fashion magazines online, looking for news, trends or maybe some inspiration.

Very often, I come across really crazy things, like for example exorbitant prices for jewelry made by some designers more or less unknown. Personally i’m totally unknown :)

Another thing that catch my attention is the wonderful “words game” played  by clever copywriters to describe jewelry made with poor materials like alloy, zinc, resin stones, resin, plastic, Lucite,  rhinestones and acrylic stones.

Their copywriting  ability make “ reach” , poor items  and give a “reason”  to justify a very  expensive  price.

Unfortunately many times those clever copywriters forget to add some important words  to their beautiful texts: Made in China .

All the world is producing jewelry in China, including India, Thailand and Indonesian companies.  Sometimes you can buy a piece claimed to be Made in India, but….

Btw American brands and dealers are still longer the biggest jewelry spenders in China.

I’m giving you some links regarding luxury jewelry sold on luxury websites, in this case they are proud to disclose the origin place:

Made in Australia

Made in Italy

Made in Uk

Handcrafted in Turkey

Handcrafetd in Bali

Handcrafted in Kenya!

Made in Usa of imported materials ( in China and India there are the biggest cutting and polishing factories  in the world. They have very skilled workers and equipments. My opinion according to my deep chinese experience is that the beads of that bracelet are Made in China)


Here some links of items Made in China. Note, You will never find any mention to Made in China, sometimes the origin place is missing and sometimes you will find imported as origin place:

Imported. But from where? China !!


No place of origin mentioned.Infact China is a very small country not mentioned on any geographic map :@


According to the information I gathered and based on my vast experience in the Chinese  market, I can assure you that many brands produce in China already : Prada, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Levian ,  Jtv,  HNC, Kennet Kole, Kate Spade among the most important .

Most of the jewelry sold on Amazon and Ebay is made in China, even the most expensive one.

Now I’m giving you one more  name, Faipo.



Faipo is for the gold, electroplated gold and silver jewelry ,  what  Foxconn Technology Group is for Apple. For the few don’t know, Iphone and Ipad are produced in Foxconn factory in Shenzhen (China), not far from the city where I live.

I don’t have any kind of connection with Faipo, neither I produce in their factory, neither I will produce because I’m not agree with their selling policy that ask to their customers to buy also , semiprecious stones, colored and chocolate diamonds from them. Pratically you must buy a complete package.

Faipo is also one of the biggest semiprecious stones worldwide dealer, many USA companies, including JTV,  buy from Faipo. The quality of their stones is fine, but I can find better and at cheapest price if I dive more in the chinese market, Moooh!!

Furthermore Faipo ask for orders of thousand pieces per style, impossible for a small company like Moooh !! :)

The factory environment  is so cool, they have comfortable spaces for their workers and good contracts for their managers and in house designers. Most of the brands working with Faipo are working also on Faipo design, such a news!!

The most important Faipo customers are accommodate in very luxury suites  inside the factory area.

The rooms are so luxury that the bathroom have a Jacuzzi inside and bathroom faucets are gold plated, Moooh!!

Most important Faipo customers are Le Vian , Jewelry Television (JTV), HNC, Amazon, Louis Vuitton .  None of them disclose on their websites the production place of the jewelry they sell. Except HNC,  congratulation for their ethic conduct.

Few days ago I saw on my facebook wall a JTV post claiming their artisanal jewelry made in India, Thailand, Indonesia, they forgot to mention China, the main place where they produce jewelry, it’ is not nice JTV!!

I also posted few comments on their facebook  page, remind them to mention China also a production place, but I did not get any reply :(

Now, give a look to Faipo website, you will find many similitudes in the jewelry design, pictures retouching, with the brands I have cited above.

You can find Faipo design jewelry and manufacturing sold also on luxury flash sale websites like Ruelala .  Even on Ruelala no mention regarding the jewelry origin place .



Browse the links, you will have an idea of Faipo and their production.Maybe you will find many similitudes in the jewelry design, pictures retouching, with the previous brands I have talked about .


I would like to know your opinion and get answers to my 2 simple questions:

 Can luxury be social, ethical and “Made in China” ?

Why many luxury brands and luxury shops avoid to declare China as the origin production place of the items they sell?