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cheap shoes from chinaMoooh!! is a Carlo's creation, an independent Italian  jewelry designer, fashion maker, luxury brands lover.  He moved from Italy to China many years ago, looking for a better life and finding it at last. He is not connected to any particular luxury brand and will never be, doesn’t follow established trends, instead he tries to create them and introduce some disruptions into the luxury market, with the mission to make it truly social and ethical.

Carlo has travelled a lot around the world, especially to Africa,  and now he is travelling across China and the Far East, looking for new materials, artisanal techniques, in order to reinvent and create new jewelry lines, accessories and apparels.

He continues to hunt for and select traditional, uncommon, luxury home décor items, fashion clothes, shoes and gift ideas to display on “Moooh!!” website to his beloved followers and fans.

Creating new “things” for people is his pleasure and a way to enjoy life to full extent. Carlo does not run businesses just for the sake of accumulating money. It is not dramatic for him to discover at the end of the fiscal year that his business will not reach hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. He prefers to reach 1 million “likes” for what he creates and 1 million “shares” for the beautiful things that will be displayed on Moooh.net.

Moooh!! is also a ibusiness opportunity for Fashion Affiliate companies, Shopping Affiliate websites. But also at Moooh!! we offer Asian Sourcing service for small businesses, small stores and wholesalers. We can be your big sourcing tool if you need to buy a factory prices high quality fashion items and home decor.

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 “Moooh” Manifesto

“Moooh!!” is not the sound of a cow but it’s a dialect form of his hometown language, Bari, a language that is a creative blend of Latin, Greek, Turkish, French, English… did we miss some other language maybe?

“Moooh!!” might as well become a disruption in the luxury market. Maybe a disruption for the word “luxury” itself.

The word “Moooh!!” means surprise, stupor, the unexpected that happens, something never seen before, never heard because it has never been disclosed yet .

Everything new, surprising, uncommon, beautiful and positive can be expressed with just one word – Moooh!!

Almost all items sold on Moooh are one of a kind, custom hand-made by artisans and selected small factories in limited quantities, sometimes each item can be sold just in one piece only, because the natural stones that are used to make it are just as unique and impossible to find in the same color, cut and shape.

On Moooh!! website Carlo will introduce new materials, undiscovered and unusual home decor and textiles, new original and unique proposals for gifts.

What Carlo creates, designs, or selects to offer to his customers, is handcrafted mostly in China, India, the Philippines and Thailand.

You will always find the exact place of origin of any single product description. Moooh is just different, it’s not like many other luxury websites that prefer to write “imported” as production place, instead of just “Made in China”.

Only luxury brands, famous designers and luxury shops need to hide the place of origin of goods they sell, otherwise they will have some problems to justify to their customers the 100 USD selling price for an item produced just for 10usd in China or in India.

All the artisans and small laboratories producing for “Moooh” are personally selected by Carlo according to the highest quality standards and with respect of the workers rights.

“Moooh” is not baked by any investor and never will be because Carlo wants to be independent, free to create and free from the poor logic of profit-making.

Moooh!! is just fab luxury, ethic and social. You can join us on facebook for special offer just for fans. What are waiting for to fan justfab !