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Introducing Moooh!! Rewards Program.

Moooh!! the unique social luxury commerce website has been launched in beta version today and we want to reward our friends, fans and lovers with 2 Christmas Gifts Cards of $5 each one. One card is for you, the other one is for your friend.Is not that a sweet and original idea for a lovely Christmas present ? We have different Gift Cards design you can choose from, give a look to the pics below.


To participate to our Rewards Program you don't need to purchase, it's enough you participate in Moooh!! activities and subscribe to Moooh!! newsletter Rewards Program. Here a simple guideline to get  your 2 Gifts Cards.

1 Become a Memeber of Moooh!! Reward program logging in with your Facebook account.

2 Subscribe to Moooh!! Rewards Program newsletter clicking on Contact us button and check the Rewards Program box in the form.

3 Disvover the red ribbon in and every time you visit our website, you Like, Tweet, +1 Google a product on Moooh!! you will get 100 loyalty points.

4 Every time you will comment our blog post you will get 100 loyalty points.

5 Every time you share a deal you will get 100 loyalty points.

6 This promotion is valid until December 31st 2011 .

Every day you can earn up 500 loyalty points for your visit to and your participation.  You will be able to earn your  2 FREE Gift Cards before Christmas!!

After you reach 2400 points you can redime your card in Moooh!! Rewards Points leaderboard, very easy ! Don't forget to communicate the email address of the friend you want to send the $5 Gift Cards. You can choose the design to send and we will forward the gift card to your friend along your personalized message.Very simple !!!

Please give a look to our Reward Program Guide for a better understanding on how to interact with Moooh!! Rewards Program features. You can learn more about our Rewards Program here.


1 Only 2 Gift Card for person and facebook account.

2 A valid email address must be provided to send a $5 card to your friend

3 The gift cards expire on Jeanuary 31st 2012.

4 The gift card cannot be used to purchase Moooh!! Deals or any other product on promotion.

5 The amount of the Gift card is not cumulable with other Moooh!! promotions

Start to earn your Rewards Points right now and grab your 2 Christmas Gift Cards !!