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At Moooh!! we love to be real and cool!  As you know, we operate from China and every day with must compete against local e-commerce sites with very questionable business conduct, like selling products with "fake cheap prices" , packed with JUST 5 stars reviews, fake :) and misleading shoppers with unreliable shipping and delivery time.

The situation becomes worst when those websites are supported by thousand of bloggers that write positive reviews just because they get a piece of clothes to review :) .  At Moooh!! ,  the business transparence is one of our primary goals and , FIRST, we want to empower our customers to share the purchase experience at and .  

That's the reason of the sweeptstake " Get $20 for sharing a review posting your tracking code" . It's a way to show to our shoppers that Moooh!! keeps its promise and work together with the customer to improve the shopping experience, that it's not just and only a "fake" impossible cheap prices.

We just want to remind to our shoppers, that China is not a FREE place where to shop and expect unbelievable surprises when you'll get, after long weeks :) , your purchase.

Sweepstake rules: Win $20 Gift Card For Posting a Real Review .

1 The sweepstake is open to all Moooh!! customers with no limitation of age and country.

2 The sweepstake begins on August 23rd, 2015, at 10AM CST (Chinese Standard Time). 

3 How to enter? Post a REAL REVIEW, sharing your purchase experience at . Entrants can post reviews also for purchases made at on 2014. In the review you must write in detail about your shopping experience at Moooh!! . We advice you to complete your social profile on, adding your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr.

4 In the review, you must post also the tracking code of your purchase and comment the free shipping and fast  delivery service you got from . 

5 Reviews with 1 and 2 stars are also accepted to enter in the sweepstake. It helps us to better understand the customer needs and what we must improve to offer a better shopping experience. More reviews left by the same customer and for different purchases are counted as more enters in the sweepstake.

6 On the 23rd day of every month we'll select 2 winners, with a random drawing, among all entries.

5 Winners will be informed by email and we'll share the winners also on our website and social media profiles.

6 The $20 Gift Cards will be valid 1 month from the issuing date and can be used at the checkout on a minimum purchase of $20 .

7 For any other question you have on this sweepstake email at:

Have Fun!

Moooh!! Team