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Do you like a product in but are you not ready to buy yet? 

Click on ADD TO WISH LIST button and share this product on Facebook , Twitter or via email. Let your friends know what you want and Like, maybe they can buy it for you later ! Or you can save this product in your wishpot wishlist collection, purchase it later or buy it together with your friends ( Group Purchase) to give a lovely gift to another of your friends !! Clicking on ADD TO WISH LIST will let you keep informed also on our product updates, and also on Moooh!! sales alerts and special discounts. Also you can fan our fab facebook page for jut fab offers and maybe we can help you to create your justfab wishlist ! On our facebook page we have also important information for everybody wants: earn money online from home , business from home , earn money online work from home.

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1) Click on the ADD TO WISH LIST button that you find in every product description page. Sign up with your email or just Log in with your facebook account.It's very easy to start to create your wishlist.

If you Log in with facebook, you need to give the permission to the application to post what you wish on your facebook account and let your friends know what you like and what you would like to receive as gift !!

2) Every time you will like a product in Moooh !! and you are not ready to buy it, just click on the wishpot button and a pop up window will appear showing the product you are viewing. Don't forget to click on Facebook Share Off if you want let your friends know about what you like and wish to receive as gift from them :) . Check also the box Add to my timeline.

4) You can also share the product you like with your friends and buy it for any other of your friend using paypal. Don't forget to click on Contributions Off if you want to start to collect money for a collecting gifts with your friends.

That's it, you are done with your Moooh!! wishlist. Contact us if you have more questions using the form below.

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