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Personal thoughts on the country I love most

 China is famous for producing luxury brands copies,  but websites and business models copies are also among such practices.

The funny thing about this wonderful country, is that a even start-up that have founded its business model on a copycat copy pixel website can be backed by investors !!

Open your Chrome browser, this will help you with the translation from Chinese into English, and check this link :

Doesn’t remind you of something?

When Diandian was just launched it was a very high quality copypixel website, but during the last months, something a little bit more creative has been introduced in the graphic design of the website, but still you can have an idea that Diandian is a Tumblr’s little brother.

Diandian’s founder got 1-2M USD from Kaifu Lee’s Innovation Works, a kick-start fund, for its amazing copycat/copy pixel business idea.

Maybe in another country if you introduce a similar business idea to some VC companies you will get another kind of kick ….

What do you think about Diandian and its investor?