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Moooh!! As Social Platform For Fashionistas Around The world

Moooh!! is a social fashion e-commerce site for men and women around the world, who love beautifully designed items and who are in search of the perfect way to talk about their passion and make friends too. Moooh!! offers its members the ability to create their own profile, invite friends, share inspirations and inspire the community about fashion and design. People can show off their favorite items from our site, inspire the community, all while being rewarded for every social action they carry out, whether it is inviting their friends to join in the fun and Moooh!! community.

Why I should Create A Member Account on Moooh!! ?

By creating a profile on Moooh!! , you can create your collections, faves the items you love more, share your inspirations with the community. You can also join Moooh!! reward and loyalty program and get Moooh!! points to exchange in free gifts, coupons, store credit, and cash back simply by doing what they love, interacting with others, posting pictures, showing off their favorite products and inviting new friends to join their network. It just doesn’t get any easier! 
But the fun doesn’t stop there, and Moooh!! will launch a wide variety of new features into its platform that its members are sure to enjoy.

How To Create My Social Account On Moooh!! ?

Creating a social profile on Moooh!! is very easy. The most easy and fastest way to create your account is signing up with one of your social media accounts, Facebook or Twitter. Click on Facebook or Twitter icons for the social sign up or you can also sign up with your email address. With your account you can also manage your orders and shipping addresses.

Edit Your Profile

Your profile tells the world all about you, and it is your calling card into the world of Moooh!! It is from here that you can choose to follow other members, link to your other social media profiles, tell people about your style and create your very own trends. You can also enter special competitions between members and sweepstakes, which can make you a winner of some very cool prizes! While you edit your profile, you can create your bio, update your pic, choose your unique user name and also set your privacy settings. You can connect your social media profile and choose to share your faves and reviews on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.Also you decide to receive email notifications when a member follow you and interact with your social profile on Moooh!!

Discovery Wall

Here it's the fun!! Where all the action takes place. You can see live what’s trending, who is talking about what and about you. Trough the Discovery Wall, you can socialize and interact with other members, meet new people, post comments, add pictures related to new and upcoming fashion and lifestyle trends. You can inspire Moooh!! community sharing your pics, quotes, videos and comments.

Faves, Share, Comments

Show your love for the items you like, just clicking on the heart, or just share on any of your social media profile. Remember, that any share, fave and comments let you earn points in our reward program. Rewards points can be exchanged with gift cards, coupons, free items and also with real cash! The pics below show how to engage with Moooh!! community and how to share pics, videos and links.





This is our famous break room, where members can meet and follow other people and discover what they have to say about trends, styles, fashion and design in every corner of the planet. Follow who inspires you more and share trends with your friends on Moooh!! . You can also unfollow who bother you :), follow and unfollow members is very easy. Members, who are more engaged on will receive a nice selection of rewards, including coupons, free gifts, store credit, and the opportunity to be featured on our home page!.


You'll be notified every time a Moooh!! member follow you, comment on your collection, reply to your comments, or fave something you have already faved. Notifications will give you the feeling that your an important and valuable member of our community !!

My Faves

Share with your friends the products you love most on Moooh!! Let you friends to know about Moooh!! and be part of it. Sharing it means, more friends will join us, more fun, more rewards and a better worldwide community of fashionistas like you!

Social And Real Reviews

We hope that you like our items and appreciate our customer service. We invite you to leave product reviews with your own social account on Moooh!! , because we want to make of a place where real people share experiences with other members.