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How do I join the Moooh!! Loyalty Program ?

You can click on the red widget at the bottom right corner of the browser, and easily sign in with your Facebook account.


How do I get points?

You can take as many of the sharing and fave actions available on Moooh!! The more reward-enabled actions you take, the more points you earn. You can earn point with no limitations. 

What are Levels, Badges, and Trophies?

Levels are used to represent the Moooh!! members' category or class in the Loyalty Program. The more points you have accumulated, the higher your Level will be. You will start as a Beginner, and to reach the next level, make sure that you complete any of the tasks available on Moooh!! and get rewarded with points. Below is a list of the Levels available on our Loyalty Program and how many points are required to reach each Level:


Badges are the representation of accomplishing a mission on our Loyalty Program. Whenever you finish a task, such as sharing or fave-ing something, you will be rewarded with points and a Badge. Get all of them and become the ultimate Moooh!! Badge Collector! Below is a list of the Badges available in our Loyalty Program and how many points are rewarded:


Trophies are the ultimate milestone to get and they don't come easily. To obtain one of our much desired Trophies, you must complete a certain amount of specific Badges. Be the first one to collect all of them and brag it to your Moooh!! friends! Below is a list of our Trophies and the Badges that are required for each of them:

How do I redeem points?

Here's the fun part! When you've earned enough points for the reward of your choice, head over to the catalog and click on the "REDEEM" button and you’ll get any email confirmation from us. If you don't see "REDEEM", it just means you don't have quite enough points for that reward.

Are there any limits on the prizes I can redeem?

If you have enough points you can redeem as many rewards you want according to your available points.

Are there any special prizes for Moooh!! Privilege Members?

Yes we have special rewards, such deals, swags, free items for our Moooh!! Privilege Members. Each Moooh!! Privilege Member will be notified by email on personalized rewards just for members.

How long points will be good for?

Your points are valid during the calendar year in which you earned them. Points will be reset to zero the following year to your subscription to Moooh!! Loyalty Program.

How will my information be used?

We intend to keep your information private. For our privacy policy, click here.

Are there any limitations?