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Follow these few steps to be familiar with Moooh!!! Rewards Program and start earning your points every day by visiting  !! Please don't forget to subscribe to Moooh!! Reward Points newsletter to be informed on special prizes, promotions, discounts and many other surprises just for our Moooh!! Reward Program members. You can use the form at the bottom of this page for your subscription.

1) It's very easy to become member of Moooh!! Rewards Program and it's Free. Click on Become member button on the left of your screen in the Rewards By window, then Log in with your Facebook account and you are done !


2)  Start to collect Moooh!! Rewards Point clicking on any place on the website where you see the Red Flag and when you buy any   products on our website. You get Rewards Points any time you visit , Like, Tweet, Comment, +1ing and  for every purchase on .At the top of the title you will see how many points you get with your purchase.

3) Any time you take action on, you will be informed on how many points you earn for that action. For example if you click on the Like facebook button, a pop up will appear informing you how many points did you get for your Like. Give a look to the pic below.

4) You will know how to earn more points and have access to your Leaderboard clicking on the Earn More button on the left of your screen, in the Rewards By window.

5) On the Rewards Points Leaderboard you will see how many rewards points you have and who are the leaders in our Reward Points promotions. Note: you don't need to be in the first places of the board to get your prizes !!

6) Clicking on the Catalog Button on the Leaderboard you will be informed about the prizes you can win and how many points you need to get those prizes.

7) After you will reach the necessary points for any prize of Moooh!! Rewards program, a Details blu button will appear next the prize title and you can redime the prize you like. You can redime several prizes a day up the number of your Moooh!! Rewards Points. Your Rewards Points balance will be deducted by the points you redime.

8) A confirmation pop up will appear after you redime your points and you will get also an email confirmation. You can send your instructions to Moooh!! on how you want we ship your prize or even we donate your prize to one of your friends. It's just up to you on what you wanna do about your prizes !!


You can subscribe to Moooh!! Reward Program newsletter or send your questions about Moooh!! promotions and giveaway for our Lovers & Fans. Fill the form below.