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Moooh!! Philosophy:

At Moooh!! we are here for you. Your customer service is important to us.

  • We have expedited shipping, and most of your items are sent out within 24 hours. Even when you order on the weekend (Despite what their websites say, our competitors do not work on the weekend and usually take days to fulfil your order before they send it.)

  • Most of the items are in stock or are acquired quickly (Other sellers don’t always have the products in stock which further delays your order.)

  • You receive only the best quality products. If you are unhappy with your purchase we will let you exchange it, no questions asked. We want you to be delighted with the quality of your items or we don’t want your money. (The other sellers make it hard to receive a refund so you give up on the idea completely. This is not fair to you!)

  • You can always track your order. We use only first class reputable mail services to ensure you receive your order. (Other sellers use cheaper mail services, which often lose parcels. When the customer tries to have the problem dealt with, they are ignored and left so frustrated they give up!)

  • In the highly unlikely event your parcel goes missing, we will refund 100% of your purchase and give you an extra 5% for the trouble we gave you! (Other sellers make it difficult to have a lost parcel replaced.)

  • We always want to give you a great customer experience. We have streamlined our purchase process so it is enjoyable and easy. You can buy with confidence knowing that what you buy is exactly what you receive. And if you are not happy, just let us know.

  • Our customer reviews are from only real people. We never use fake customers reviews.

At Moooh!! your customer experience is important to us and you are our first priority. We have designed a unique loyalty program as a way to give back to our loyal customers. When you give us your trust and buy from us, we think it is only fair we give you something just as valuable in return.

We are passionate about building a community of fashion savvy customers who want high quality products, with superior customer service at the most affordable price. At Moooh!! we’re here for you.